TEST BOARD To Provide the Best Solution for Semiconductor Test

Test Board

Burn-In Board

· Burn-In Board is used for Burn-In Test. Mount devices on a test board and screen defective device by signal, stress voltage, high temperature and any other various methods.

System Board

· System Board is a test board kind that mount on semiconductor inspection equipment. It is mainly to verify reliability of the devices that passed wafer test by creating an extreme environment, such as high temperature, high voltage, and cell stress, for some time.

Logic Burn-In Tester Board

· Logic Burn-In Tester (LBT) is highly efficient device mainly for non-memory semiconductor(system semiconductor). This test board implemented on equipment that verifies reliability of various application devices such as SOC, CIS, MCU, DDI, and PMIC

Board-etc 1

· Immunodiagnostic Tester: Board that mount on immunodiagnostic tester like cardiovascular disease, infectious disease, inflammation disease, etc.

Board-etc 2

· Board that mount on cooperation robot

Board Manufacturing Process

  • 1. Screen Printing
  • 2. Mounter
  • 3. Reflow
  • 4. Unloader & Visual Inspection
  • 5. 1st LOT inspection
  • 6. AOI
  • 7. 2nd LOT inspection
  • 8. Socket merge
  • 9. BBT

Board & Test Socket

  • 1. Bonding
  • 2. Selective
  • 3. Ultrasonic Cleaning